Rendezvous Baltics 2020


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October 1, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
93 Participants

About the Event

This is an on-line, tourism workshop with one-to-one pre-arranged appointments for Nordic buyers and Baltic suppliers to meet 'face to face' on our unique online, meeting software platform; participate directly from your own office location

Free to both buyers and suppliers, this event is invaluable to Nordic operators who feature the Baltics in their programmes and to those looking to include the attractions of the Baltics in the future.

Invited Baltic suppliers will represent all sectors of the industry from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The focus of the event is to:

  • Explore and rediscover the amazing Baltic region
  • Discover exciting new products in the Baltics to engage all within a secure environment
  • Encourage Nordic buyers to consider promoting destinations and products from neighbouring countries
  • Showcase that the Baltic region boasts an enormous range of quality products at real value for money and within easy access
  • Endorse that the Baltics is a year round destination with short-term sales opportunities for autumn, winter, Christmas Market and New Year programs in 2020

This event will enable:

  • Nordic buyers to generate business as swiftly as possible to safe and high quality destinations, post Covid
  • Give Baltic suppliers the opportunity to promote autumn, winter and new year programmes as well as 2021
  • Provide additional marketing and partnership opportunities with key transportation companies in the region
  • All three Baltic countries to showcase the beauty, value and appeal of the countries in a very efficient and cost effective way


Baltic suppliers:   35-45

Nordic Buyers:    35- 45 (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway)

Duration:             (09.00 -14.30 CET/10-15.30 EEST)

Meetings:             Up to 15 pre arranged one to one networking appointments