Rendezvous Baltics 2020


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October 1, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
93 Participants

Our industry has changed

Our industry has changed. Travel restrictions are being lifted and borders are being slowly opened but the effects of the CV19 crisis are deep and long lasting and the future uncertain.  What is clear, is that domestic and ‘nearby-tourism’ will remain critically important until the spring of 2021 and beyond.  With travel between the Nordic countries and the Baltic States now freely accessible with no restrictions, it’s time to meet and discover the vacation potential of our neighbouring states.

This event is of real interest to Baltic suppliers looking to increase business from neighbouring Nordic buyers. Participating buyers will be representative cross-section from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


An Opportunity

 This workshop is an opportunity to

  • Promote and sell the amazing Baltic region
  • Showcase that the Baltic region boasts an enormous range of quality products at real value for money and within easy access
  • Endorse that the Baltics is a year round destination with short-term sales opportunities for autumn, winter, Christmas Market and New Year programs in 2020

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